January 5, 2018

Stung 2015 Unrated Version #whatbugsme #movies Let’s get into the next #whatbugsme movie review, Stung from 2015 unrated. This is probably unrated because why bother, you know what you are getting into with a movie like this, especially from IFC Midnight. Besides, its Canadian so whatever. It’s silly, fun and gory. My wife would hate…

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Knoxville Pest Control, Spiders 3D

Spiders 3D

December 29, 2017

Spiders 3D 2013 PG-13 #whatbugsme #movies      And now for something completely different. No Maryville pest control tips or Knoxville pest control stories today. How about a series of blogs about bug movies. Does that bug you? Sometimes we have to step back and not be so serious. I have surprised you, scared you, and…

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knoxville pest control

Don’t cancel pest control in the winter

December 20, 2017

Don’t Cancel Your Pest Control in the Winter      It is cold outside and you haven’t seen a bug in weeks. Might as well cancel that pest control and save some money for the kids Christmas right? Well, hold on before you make a bad decision.  You already have a Pest Control service right? And…

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Knoxville pest control

What to expect from Phoenix Pest Control

December 13, 2017

What to expect from Phoenix Pest Control What sets Phoenix Pest Control apart from the competition is our devotion to making sure you have all the information you need and we have as much training as possible.  Understanding the biology of the pests and why they are bugging you is paramount to achieving control. This…

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Knoxville Pest Control

Bug Phobias

October 23, 2017

Entomophobias #whatbugsme What is your phobia?      Entomophobia (also known as insectophobia) is characterized by an excessive or unrealistic fear of one or more classes of insect. Below is a list of some of the specific insect phobia names. Do you have one of these or are you just like most people who find them…

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Why Over the Counter Pesticides are Under Effective #whatbugsme

September 13, 2017

Why Over the Counter Pesticides Are Under Effective Stop Spraying #whatbugsme You quietly woke up in the middle of the night for a piece of pie turned the light on and the dreaded roach seems to have had the same idea.  What do you do? Well, like any red blooded American it is your responsibility…

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Waterbug roach knoxville pest control

Waterbugs VS Roaches

September 12, 2017

Waterbugs VS Roaches. What is the difference? #whatbugsme      What is a waterbug? What is a Roach? Are they the same thing? In every region of the country there are local names for things. In the south all soft drinks are referred to as “coke” where as in the north it is “pop”. It is…

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Pest control band-aids

September 4, 2017

Do you Have Pest Control Solutions or Band-Aids? #whatbugsme      <—-This picture shows a perfect example of a band-aid. An air freshener was put on this table above a smelly trashcan. The odor was pretty bad and the oil was not helping much. The problem is not the odor. The problem is what is causing…

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Mothballs are dangerous and ineffective

August 31, 2017

Mothballs are Dangerous and Ineffective. #whatbugsme Mothballs work on… NOTHING! Not only are mothballs hazardous, they are one of the most unnecessary chemicals manufactured. There isn’t anything that naphthalene accomplishes that we cannot do safer with something else. What began as a way to kill moths has blossomed into a widely-used means of repelling other…

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Roaches and cats will make you go blind

August 30, 2017

   Roaches and cats will make you go blind #whatbugsme A new study shows that allergens in cats and roaches can be problematic for increased glaucoma risk.  Whether you believe the hype or not I can tell you that cockroaches definitely cause issues for the respiratory system.  I can give you all the facts and links…

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