Crane flies VS Mosquitoes

August 12, 2019

The crane flies don’t bite or sting you. These are the guys that if you walk through your yard, four million of them fly up out of the grass.

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January 17, 2019

     Do earwigs crawl into your ear and drill into your brain? #whatbugsme As you sleep all buttoned up in your bed, teddy bear under arm and ocean noises on the air, a demon is lurking around the corner in Maryville TN seeking out an ear canal to access your medulla oblongata.  As it creeps…

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Exterminator Hot Sauce

January 12, 2019

#whatbugsme A different type of heat treatment. Specialty foods has a new way to exterminate boring food with Exterminator Gourmet Hot Sauce and Exterminator Gourmet Hot Sauce 2. Usually you don’t think of food or condiments when it comes to pest control but believe it or not we do have other interests other than killing…

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Pest Control Advice

May 11, 2018

Pest Control Advice #whatbugsme Everyone wants Pest Control Advice but nobody wants to listen to the professional. You would rather listen to some keyboard warrior on facebook. When you hire a service professional you do so because you either could not, would not, or didn’t have the time to do the task yourself. If those…

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bug delusional parasitosis

Bug: Delusional Parasitosis

March 20, 2018

Bug Delusional Parasitosis 2007 R #whatbugsme #movies Be Careful Who You Hang Out With Our newest story finds Agnus meeting a socially awkward guy named Peter Evans. The next morning they search for a cricket in her apartment that ends up being only the smoke alarm. As he removes it to silence it he begins…

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The Fly, Knoxville Pest Control

The Fly

March 16, 2018

The Fly 1986 R #whatbugsme #movie Most people my age remember recording movies off of TV with the new technology called VCRs. We watched them over and over and those edited TV versions are how we remember them. This was the case for The Fly for me. George Langelaan wrote the short story The Fly…

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arachnophobia, knoxville pest control


March 14, 2018

Arachnophobia: A Thrill-omedy 1990 PG-13 #whatbugsme #movies      Ever  since I started reviewing bug movies I knew Arachnophobia would be on the list. It is a must watch movie for any PCO (Pest Control Operator). Kinda like Full Metal Jacket was for me headed to Marine Corps boot camp, Star Wars for my generation, Dazed…

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Mosquito season in Knoxville TN

February 23, 2018

It is Mosquito season in Knoxville TN #whatbugsme Here in Knoxville TN there are 49 species of mosquitoes. Most are just annoying but there are a couple that go beyond annoyance and pose a safety risk. Mosquitoes are the deadliest species on the planet transmitting malaria that kills one child every 30 seconds mostly in …

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Knoxville Pest Control

Why Pest Control State Certifications are Irrelevant

February 15, 2018

Why Pest Control State Certifications are Irrelevant #whatbugsme      Have you tried to search for a pest control company lately? Every piece of advertising you see states how they are certified or licensed but what does that really mean? Do you know?  Do you even care? How does it affect who you need to call?…

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Exterminator Knoxville TN

Exterminator Vs Pest Control

February 8, 2018

Exterminator VS Pest Control #whatbugsme      Don’t call me an exterminator. What is the difference between an exterminator and pest control? At the end of the day you might not think much. They both do the same thing right? Kinda but not really. I have a problem with the word exterminator. You may think it…

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