Kissing Bugs & Chagas Disease #whatbugsme

Phoenix Pest Control TN, Kissing bug, Daniel D. Dye II

Kissing Bugs & Chagas Disease #whatbugsme Occasionally a call will come into our office concerning kissing bugs but here is probably a better chance at winning the lottery than finding a kissing bug inside of your home. Not to discredit the importance of Chagas Disease; this potentially fatal disease is transmitted through the bite of…

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I can’t kill it twice #whatbugsme

Phoenix Pest Control TN, dead roach

I can’t kill it twice #whatbugsme           During my years  in Knoxville pest control I have had many problems posed to me. Most of these I relish the opportunity to fix for my customers. Some problems have no fix just because that’s the way nature is set up and some solutions rest solely on the…

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