Bed Bug Bites

Do you want to know what bugs me?  Bed bugs and their bites! The reason I’m writing this post is that I’ve been seeing a lot of crappy information on the internet.  Part of that has to do with people’s obsession with the formulation and the shape of bed bug bites. If you’re too lazy…

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Mosquito season in Knoxville TN

KNoxville pest control, mosquito

It is Mosquito season in Knoxville TN #whatbugsme Here in Knoxville TN there are 49 species of mosquitoes. Most are just annoying but there are a couple that go beyond annoyance and pose a safety risk. Mosquitoes are the deadliest species on the planet transmitting malaria that kills one child every 30 seconds mostly in …

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Bed Bugs: Do I have them?

Do I Have Bed Bugs? #whatbugsme I truly hope you do not have bed bugs.  These little vampires feeding only on blood are so disruptive, they have replaced the cockroach as the most feared pest to have in your home.  Even here in Knoxville, bed bugs are a concern. How do you know if you…

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Kissing Bugs & Chagas Disease #whatbugsme

Phoenix Pest Control TN, Kissing bug, Daniel D. Dye II

Kissing Bugs & Chagas Disease #whatbugsme Occasionally a call will come into our office concerning kissing bugs but here is probably a better chance at winning the lottery than finding a kissing bug inside of your home. Not to discredit the importance of Chagas Disease; this potentially fatal disease is transmitted through the bite of…

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Tip of the week:What bit me?! ‪#‎whatbugsme

Tip of the week: What bit me?! ‪#‎whatbugsme‬ It’s unsettling to find itchy red spots on your body but what do you do about it?            Most of the time it is no more than an anoyance. However some people are more sensitive than others and can have different reactions. These reactions can be affected…

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