Bed Bugs and Home Health

bed bugs and home health

Trying to figure out how you got Bed Bugs can be frustrating but it is important information that you need to know. Unfortunately, sometimes we just flat don’t know. But that doesn’t mean don’t try to figure it out. If you know how you got them you can avoid that situation.  If aunt Joline visits on Friday nights to play monopoly from Knoxville Tennessee and she has bed bugs, don’t you think playing online till the problem is fixed would be prudent? Yeah, I think so. You wanna know #whatbugsme? Bed Bugs spread by home health services.

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Spreading Bed Bugs

Patients or Providers

One possibility is home health.  Unfortunately if you gotta have home health then you gotta have it. But I’m not here to demonize these health workers, they are in just as much danger as their patients. What usually happens is a patient has them, the nurse cares for them in the bed, sits on the bed, works around the bed and ends up carrying them home. Either on them or on any bags of tools or maybe a purse. Before they even know there is a problem they are visiting other patients in their homes, the office, and eventually taking them home. This mess can spread pretty easily. It’s not really anyone’s fault unless they know they have Bed Bugs and didn’t tell anyone so they could take precautions. Honestly, if you know you have Bed Bugs and don’t tell people in the firing line or avoid situations that would spread them you are a real piece of crap. I’m not going to pull any punches here, you are garbage. So selfish, avoiding embarrassment and spreading this cancer to others. That should be illegal or at least you should be liable in some capacity. Because guess what? Treating for Bed Bugs is expensive, a huge pain in the rear no matter how you cut it, and can even have psychological effects on some people. SO…. You are a turd if you knowingly spread them. Get mad all you want at me, you are a jerk.

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Workers and Patients

This problem has become more and more of an issue. I was even asked to come talk to the staff at a local home health provider about this exact issue. I have been getting calls from patients who have Bed Bugs and are in a panic because the Home Health provider identified Bed Bugs in their home and refuse to come back until it is verified eliminated. The ugly reality is they need medical care daily and NOW but this process isn’t going to happen overnight. It can be done but I can’t snap my fingers and fix it. Then the gestation of Bed Bugs pushes true verification out at least a month. To make matters worse, no matter what method is used to eliminate the Bed Bugs, the patient will need to vacate the home for between 4 hours and a day. And these are exactly the type of people who leaving for the day could be difficult if not impossible due to their medical situation.

Home Health Providers


I can’t blame the Home Health Provider for having a policy of not coming if the patient has Bed Bugs. In fact, I agree with it, but it obviously causes problems. This is a good policy because you aren’t their only client. Not only could they take them home but they could spread it to other clients in a skip trace type of situation. So there might be some liability issues not to mention having to fix it at their home before even being able to return to work. Who’s responsibility is that? The person who has them or the company that sent them into that environment? I don’t know exactly what the answer is but it seems like workers comp to me. Maybe not the whole expense, maybe half, whatever. But they sent their worker into that environment which caused a problem. I don’t see Home Health Providers being happy about this large expense, and on top of that being short staffed for a month while it is being fixed. It’s not a good situation no matter how you cut it so them refusing to service patients makes sense even if it puts the patient in a bad situation.

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An effect of this can put the patient in the ER for care in the meantime. Or family will have to step in and that’s even if they are capable of providing that care AND potentially transferring Bed Bugs to their home as well. If they go to the ER there is another layer in the skip trace hell that is this situation. Not good, but if they need medical care, they need it…. So they are definitely between a rock and a hard place. That’s why you are lower than gum on the bottom of my shoe for knowingly spreading Bed Bugs, especially to someone who needs Health Care. You could actually kill them in the process by restricting Health care or their options to receive it. Don’t be that guy.

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Do me a favor, share this with your Healthcare friends and anyone helping family members receiving that care. Share it even if it makes you mad. But tell me why, just like you should have told aunt Joline that you had bed bugs and now she can’t get the help she needs. Thanks…. JERK.

So, You wanna know what bugs me?! People who knowingly spread Bed Bugs!   BUT I LOVE TO KILLEM’

… the bed bugs… not the people… how much bitcoin you got?

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