Ultrasonic Pest Repellents #whatbugsme

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Tip of the week: Ultrasonic Pest Repellents  #whatbugsme           I see these all the time and they are often followed up by “I bought this and it is keeping the roaches away.” I promise you, if I am treating your home, any pest reduction has nothing to do with these devices. Electronic pest control devices…

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Tip of the week: Band-aids This picture shows a band-aid. An air freshener was put on this table above a smelly trashcan. The odor was pretty bad and the oil was not helping much. The problem is not the odor. The problem is what is causing the odor. A plethra of who knows what was…

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Mothballs are dangerous and not effective

Knoxville pest control, Maryville pest control, moth balls,

Tip of the week: #whatbugsme mothballs are dangerous and not effective The key ingredient in moth balls is naphthalene, a widely-used and highly-manufactured chemical. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified naphthalene as a persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) chemical. [2] A PBT does not readily break down in the environment, does not easily metabolize,…

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Tip of the week:What bit me?! ‪#‎whatbugsme

Tip of the week: What bit me?! ‪#‎whatbugsme‬ It’s unsettling to find itchy red spots on your body but what do you do about it?            Most of the time it is no more than an anoyance. However some people are more sensitive than others and can have different reactions. These reactions can be affected…

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