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Bed Bug Skip Tracing.

Bed Bug

By this time we are all familiar with the concept of skip tracing. My daughter got skip traced in 2021 at school and had to come home for a while and do virtual. She never got sick, we never got sick. She wasn’t even around the person who did, but we got hit anyway. It’s kinda like the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Just because you can connect within 6 degrees doesn’t really mean much.

Bed Bugs in

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When it comes to Bed Bugs, its much more serious. I recently had a family member who got Bed Bugs. The skip trace covered 3 states and 7 houses. When we investigated several actually had Bed Bugs. The rest were given instructions how to prevent getting them.

A couple of years ago a customer with Bed Bugs was causing us trouble. We would get to almost eliminated and then they would jump back up. We interviewed the customer multiple times looking for a solution to no avail. Finally he told us that he picks up his grand kids sometimes and guess who had Bed Bugs at their house? Jeopardy Music. That’s right, every time we eliminated the Bed Bugs at his house, he would get his grandkids and re-infest again. It was a revolving door. There is no way we will be able to fix his issue that way. The solution was to get the other house on the program and restrict any other contact with other houses. When we did that, guess what? We got elimination, this time on both houses.

Bed Bug Quarantine

Bed Bug Skip Trace Phoenix Pest Control TN

The sad part to all this is if you have Bed Bugs you must isolate. NO going to grandmas for Sunday dinner, no picking up the grandkids to give mom and dad a break for a day. I have looked into many customers eyes to see the sadness knowing they won’t be able to visit with family. I get it, but it’s not worth giving grandma this junk. Do you want her to have to go through the mess you are going through? To make it more difficult, when we have a custody and visitation issues often isolation legally isn’t a option. So in those instances, I recommend some hefty precautions and 100% open and honest communication. Which I know can be ugly in these situations but how ugly do you think the situation between mom and dad will get if one gives the other Bed Bugs?

Bed Bug Precautions

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Here is the best protocol if you can’t avoid contact with another person or house. Limit the stuff transferred between the houses. backpacks, diaper bags, purses etc. Have clothes, diapers, toys, whatever at each house that stays there. Coming and going between the houses, get naked on the front porch. Strip at the door, clothes go directly to the wash, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Then you go directly to the shower, do not pass go do not collect $200. Then you can get dressed with clothes that were already there.

When you leave, take the clothes you wore there out of the dryer to wear home. Having a set of clothes that are only worn between the 2 houses helps. If you have a front porch that the neighbors can see, use the garage, the mud room, or a large plastic container to step into to strip. Yes, this is all a huge pain in the butt, but if you are not diligent, getting Bed Bugs could cost you a lot of money and heartache. Much more trouble than if you had just taken some precautions to prevent spreading Bed Bugs and enlarging your bed bug skip tracing

Bed Bug Nightmare

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As I was making notes for this article, I got a call from someone who wanted to ask questions about Bed Bugs for their sister. I was with a customer so I asked them if they would text me their info and I would get back with them asap. They never did, instead I got another call later from who I assume was the sister so I started answering questions. Do you do a free inspection, etc. What do you do? That’s a very open ended question so my answer was, “It depends on what you need, that’s why the inspection is usually free so I can determine how best to help you. Then she proceeded to tell me how she runs a daycare out of her house and knows she has them and just wants to know a price for the service. Now my dander is up, this lady runs a daycare out of her house, hold onto that thought for a minute. I told her again, “I don’t know the cost, it depends on what you need, that’s why the inspection is free.” Most charge for a Bed Bugs inspection around here and I probably will in the future just because of the time it takes. This evidently was not satisfactory for her so she told me she would call someone else. I was relieved.

Bed Bug Skip Tracing

The problem

Did you catch the part where she told me she had Bed Bugs and runs a daycare out of her house?! Talk about mega mack-daddy bed bug skip tracing! She isn’t going to want to tell all her parents that they potentially have Bed Bugs, that could at the very least loose her business up to and including legal troubles. Every single one of those kids houses would need to be checked. Did they get them from her, did she get them from them? Who knows! What we do know is if we treat only one of those houses it is ridiculous to think they won’t get re-infested again from one of the other houses. That’s just a big ole fat mess no matter how you cut it. Bed Bugs really are a pain.

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