Flying Insects

Flying insects Maryville TN

Flying insects are a pain in the butt. So let’s talk about what you can do about it. There are thousands if not millions of kinds of flying insects. This is important because some sting or bite, and others are just an annoyance to have flying around your head.

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Bed Bug Heat Treatments in Knoxville TN

Phoenix Pest Control Bed Bug Heat Thumbnail

Bed Bug Heat Timeline You want to know what bugs me?  Heat!  Heat treatments for bed bugs annoy me and I will tell you why.  First, we’re going to have to talk about how things work in this industry.  What happens is a new fangle dangle widget comes out for pest control to kill bugs…

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Bed Bug Brain

bed bug brain

Bed bugs and how they drive my customers crazy!  Anytime I have a bed bug customer, there’s a massive amount of stress involved. 

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Bed Bug Bites

Do you want to know what bugs me?  Bed bugs and their bites! The reason I’m writing this post is that I’ve been seeing a lot of crappy information on the internet.  Part of that has to do with people’s obsession with the formulation and the shape of bed bug bites. If you’re too lazy…

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     Do earwigs crawl into your ear and drill into your brain? #whatbugsme As you sleep all buttoned up in your bed, teddy bear under arm and ocean noises on the air, a demon is lurking around the corner in Maryville TN seeking out an ear canal to access your medulla oblongata.  As it creeps…

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arachnophobia, knoxville pest control

Arachnophobia: A Thrill-omedy 1990 PG-13 #whatbugsme #movies      Ever  since I started reviewing bug movies I knew Arachnophobia would be on the list. It is a must watch movie for any PCO (Pest Control Operator). Kinda like Full Metal Jacket was for me headed to Marine Corps boot camp, Star Wars for my generation, Dazed…

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Mosquito season in Knoxville TN

KNoxville pest control, mosquito

It is Mosquito season in Knoxville TN #whatbugsme Here in Knoxville TN there are 49 species of mosquitoes. Most are just annoying but there are a couple that go beyond annoyance and pose a safety risk. Mosquitoes are the deadliest species on the planet transmitting malaria that kills one child every 30 seconds mostly in …

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Waterbugs VS Roaches

Waterbug roach knoxville pest control

Waterbugs VS Roaches. What is the difference? #whatbugsme      What is a waterbug? What is a Roach? Are they the same thing? In every region of the country there are local names for things. In the south all soft drinks are referred to as “coke” where as in the north it is “pop”. It is…

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Roaches and cats will make you go blind

   Roaches and cats will make you go blind #whatbugsme A new study shows that allergens in cats and roaches can be problematic for increased glaucoma risk.  Whether you believe the hype or not I can tell you that cockroaches definitely cause issues for the respiratory system.  I can give you all the facts and links…

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Fleas #whatbugsme

knoxville pest control

Ain’t no Fleas on me #whatbugsme              Every year it seems that there are 1 or 2 pests that are more numerous than normal. There is no definitive way to predict which they will be each year. In 2017 it seems to be fleas and yellow Jackets in Blount and…

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5 Tips to Prevent Bed Bugs

Knoxville pest control

Preventing Bed Bugs #whatbugsme 1. Don’t go to hotels       Here are 5 tips to help you prevent bed bugs. Almost half of the people I talk to about their bed bug infestation have recently been on vacation or a business trip.  Unfortunately, the quality of the establishment has little to do with whether they…

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Bed Bug Service

Phoenix Pest Control TN

Bed Bug Service #whatbugsme Before We Start The number 1 step in all bed bug services is to get you to stop trying to fix it yourself. You will not be able to fix this problem without extensive knowledge of bed bug biology, product knowledge and a ton of experience. I don’t care if you…

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Can you Guarantee a Pest Control Service?

Can you Guarantee a Pest Control Service? #whatbugsme           Everyone wants a guarantee, a sure thing.  In this day and age the only things you can count on are death and taxes.  It is no wonder that many want some assurance that the hard-earned money they spend is not wasted. I see companies guarantee things…

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Bed Bugs: Do I have them?

Do I Have Bed Bugs? #whatbugsme I truly hope you do not have bed bugs.  These little vampires feeding only on blood are so disruptive, they have replaced the cockroach as the most feared pest to have in your home.  Even here in Knoxville, bed bugs are a concern. How do you know if you…

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