Waterbugs VS Roaches

Waterbug roach knoxville pest control

Waterbugs VS Roaches. What is the difference? #whatbugsme      What is a waterbug? What is a Roach? Are they the same thing? In every region of the country there are local names for things. In the south all soft drinks are referred to as “coke” where as in the north it is “pop”. It is…

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Roaches and cats will make you go blind

   Roaches and cats will make you go blind #whatbugsme A new study shows that allergens in cats and roaches can be problematic for increased glaucoma risk.  Whether you believe the hype or not I can tell you that cockroaches definitely cause issues for the respiratory system.  I can give you all the facts and links…

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Why Bug Bombs Don’t Work #whatbugsme

bug bomb

          If I had a dollar for every time I met a new customer who told me they tried bug bombs before calling me I would be able to retire.  In every single case they used way too many creating a potentially dangerous situation, not to mention it didn’t work.   If it did, they wouldn’t…

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German Roaches #whatbugsme

Knoxville pest control roache

German Roaches: #whatbugsme If you have called me out to treat German Roaches for you there are several things you need to know. Stop blaming the neighbors:  In our society everyone wants to blame someone else.  When it comes to roaches this will do you no good. Even if your neighbors are nasty and that’s…

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