Why does Pest Control Cost so much?

Why does Pest Control cost so much?


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Why does Pest Control cost so much?  After all, you can go to wally-world, get some bug juice and hose the house down to your hearts content.  You will save some money and acquire a sense of accomplishment against mother nature.  Go to your spouse and rave about your ability to protect your family.  But then a week later… guess who is back.  So because you are the protector and provider for your family you already know what to do.  Grab your spray and go to town on the little buggers again.  You have won, conquered your demon bugs… for now.  I know, I know, there are several of you screaming at your screen “I used such and such and got rid of them.”  To that I direct you to a previous blog and we can argue about it there. I say most peoples perspective about what is required is the problem here.

knoxville pest control, ant memeSo many times when I quote a price for pest control I hear the same thing. “That’s less than what I already spent and still had to call someone.”  Yep, it may be a shock to some of you but wally-world does not have the pesticide market cornered but they do make a killing (pun intended) selling the stuff over and over.  Not because it doesn’t kill the bugs, but because you don’t know how to use it.  Now tell the truth, you didn’t even read the instructions did you?  Did you know that the law requires you to read the label and follow it exactly?

You’re not paying for the chemical.

knoxville pest control, calculatorPest Control is not about the pesticides.  You have already seen how expensive those can be haven’t you?  Pest Control is about knowledge.  I can have all the medicine and operating tools in the world and even have a book about how to replace a kidney.  Would you hop up onto my table?  I hope not. I don’t know what I’m doing! Get off the table… my kids eat there!  Anyway, you get the point.  I fully believe when a Pest Control Operator gets 5 years of experience under his belt he has only begun to understand the industry.  Pest control is like the medical and legal fields, a practice.  The laws, products, methods, and customer wants change constantly.  Your bug man has to be an entomologist, a chemical engineer, a construction expert, plumbing expert, mathematician, and know how to explain all these complicated subjects to you.

You’re not paying for the chemical,

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture says that I have to have a certain number of points acquired from classes each year.  I need those points to maintain my certification which I need to maintain my license, which I need to maintain my charter.  Holding that all up is the required insurances and bonds needed to even qualify for those other things.  Oh and you guessed it…. Each one of those has a price tag attached to it.  All of this so the state can say that I’m supposed to know what I’m talking about.  That’s part of why I’m not spraying your house for a $20 bill.

You’re not paying for the chemical.

Everyone knows a business has expenses.  Paper, ink, advertising, gas, oil.  In Pest Control we have to come to you where the problem is.  On top of that,  all the stuff we need or might need comes with us.  There are 1,000,000,000 bugs out there and I have something for just about all of them on my truck.

You’re not paying for the chemical

knoxville pest control, booksIf I could afford it, I would take every class available concerning pest control.  I read books and manuals with wide eyed interest that would make the proudest science teacher fall off into sleepy land.  Utilizing a network of other pest professionals to ask questions and share stories is another way I try to set myself apart from the crowd.  The more knowledge I can shove into my little head the better off YOU are when you call me with a problem.  Having the knowledge of what the pest eats, its habits, where it likes to hide, and how best to handle it makes the entire process shorter and less painful for both of us. I have also persued extra certifications like the Associate Certified Entomologist, and an AIB Certification.

You’re not paying for the chemical.

So, what are you paying for? In short, ME.  I have dedicated my life to pest control and keeping up with the ever changing landscape of it. Every year it seems there is a new bug that has been brought in causing havoc.  I have to learn everything about it so that I can be ready when you call. You are paying for my knowledge, my 15 years experience, my dedication, and my smiling face.  Better scratch that last one, might scare the kiddos.  And unfortunately you are paying for the taxes I have to pay to legally come to your house and kill things.  If you have a problem with that one, don’t come to me, you know where to go. Good luck with that one.

You are not paying me to spray.

“WHAT!!!! But that’s why I called you!”  You have already proven that just spraying pesticides is not the answer.  Why would you want me to do the same thing?  Oh… because I have the “good stuff.”  Well, here is a knowledge bomb for you. It is unfortunate, but you can legally buy the same products I use without Uncle Sam looking over your shoulder like he does me.  I on the other hand have to have all the aforementioned things just to buy them.  So why in the heck would you ever bother calling me? Because I have the experience and the knowledge to fix the problem without hurting your family.  If you think you can do it, go ahead. I’ll leave my contact information at the bottom for when it fails.

You’re not paying for the chemical or for me to spray. You are paying for me to do it right. If you want it done right then give us a call. Check out the website or just about any social media.

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