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Inside VS Outside service


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Most aspects of pest control are misunderstood.  That’s ok but I want to change it.  It’s not like we have some magic book of secrets locked away in a vault.  In fact, you have access to most of the products we use but whether you are effective or not has almost nothing to do with the pesticide and everything to do with the knowledge of what to do with it.

          Many companies have changed from monthly interior treatments to quarterly exterior treatments.  Some people, especially our older customers did not take to this idea favorably. They were concerned about effectiveness but this was only based on the fact that it was something new.  The phrase “We have always had it done this way” was uttered many times.  History should not negate innovation.

          So why did we make this change from interior to exterior?  After all, the reason you called for pest control is you were seeing bugs inside right?  Ask yourself where they came from.  In this business, the source is the key.  Most of the treatments in the area you see the problem are just band-aids.  The exceptions to this would be german roaches and bedbugs.  For example, ants on the kitchen counter is definitely a problem but where is the real problem? Part of the real problem is the cheerios under the refrigerator, the dirty dishes, and the sucker your 3 year old missed the trash can with.  But don’t forget the hole they entered in through.  If that hole did not exist, would you have had a problem, even with all these other conditions?  Possibly not, but even treating these areas will not fix your problem no matter what you use. Remember, it is not about the pesticide.

          If you pull a weed in your garden and do not get the root, it will grow back and you have wasted your time.  Sure it looked good for a while but you did not get the source.  The same applies to pest control.  So back to the ants, what is the source? The roots?  It is not the cherrios under the refrigerator, that is what attracted them in.  The source is outside where the nest is.  They can also nest inside the walls but let’s deal with that later.  If you do not cut out the roots then the problem will either not go away or come back in no time.

This is why  in most cases, preventative pest control should be performed on the exterior where the problem originated.  A treatment inside your home is limited by what I can use, where I can put it safely, and how much I can use.  When I treat the outside I can use better products in more areas and halt the problem before you even know about it.  Consider this, if you don’t have to have chemicals inside your home around the kids and the dog …why would you?  Now sometimes it is necessary to treat inside for these pests even if just to get them out of your hair quicker while the real magic happens outside for the long term control.

          Every house, pest, and situation is different so let your technician inspect so he can choose the best course of action for your problem.  Is your kitchen invaded with creepy crawlies or are you exiled to the inside of your home afraid of the buzzard size mosquitoes?  Phoenix Pest Control can help.  Call for your Free diagnostic inspection.

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