Crane flies VS Mosquitoes

Crane flies VS Mosquitoes #whatbugsme

You want to know what bugs me? Mosquitoes! But this is not a mosquito.This is a crane fly.cranefly

Crane flies are harmless

The crane flies don’t bite or sting you. These are the guys that if you walk through your yard, four million of them fly up out of the grass. They’re not going to hurt you and in fact are actually an indication of the beginning of spring. So it’s a good thing! Again, they don’t sting or bite. You’re not going to get Zika, West Nile, or have microcephaly, small headed children, if you’re pregnant. It just isn’t going to happen. These guys are harmless.

Crane fly biology

The eggs, usually laid in wet soil or water for about 2 weeks, go to larvae. The larvae sometimes eat plants, and then they turn into the adults that you see flying around. People call them mosquito hawks. They don’t eat mosquitoes. The only thing they really eat is aphids, and most of the time they’re not even doing that. Their whole existence as an adult can last from a day to a month, and most of the time they’re mating. A lot of bug species in the adult stage all they do is mate. Some of them don’t even eat during the adult stage. They just mate and die. What an existence.

So this is a crane fly, not a mosquito, but I love to kill mosquitoes.

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