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Let’s get into the next #whatbugsme movie review, Stung from 2015 unrated. This is probably unrated because why bother, you know what you are getting into with a movie like this, especially from IFC Midnight. Besides, its Canadian so whatever. It’s silly, fun and gory. My wife would hate it not being able to get past the concept. “A swanky garden party turns into a bloodbath when giant killer wasps attack in this blood-splattered horror comedy.” See what I mean?

Silly Fun

Stung is one of those comedy-horror movies you expect to be bad with lots of cheap gore effects and juvenile humor. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. Add the wasps and I’m happy even if I have to watch it without the company of my beautiful wife. The movie opens with a slacker catering company working a swanky and frankly creepy family party. The giant homicidal and parasitic wasps were created by growth hormones mixed with fertilizer. Man, rich people love their lawns. I guess you could allegorize this like the George Romero zombie movies. Something about the dangers of materialism and wealth corrupting society. I could do that but that’s about as silly as the concept of the movie in itself. Let’s judge it for what it is, just silly fun.

Story: as if it matters

These wasps sting the party goers then somehow break out of their bodies as giant wasps after controlling the host. This actually happens in real life… kinda. Click HERE for the proof! It could happen! This fungus zombifies an ant then pops her head off! Nature is much more brutal than this silly movie. The silliness ramps up when the snobby matriarch character is stung and turns into a wasp wearing her pearl necklace then becomes the queen. I can’t make this stuff up! She proceeds to turn the house into her nest which the 2 caterers escape from after her trying to make him the king by feeding him larvae. Now that just doesn’t make any sense at all but it makes for a good gross out. They cut the gas line after lighting a bunch of sterno cans and get the heck out of Dodge. They jump in the catering van only to be followed by a flaming giant wasp that they crush against a tree. The cops and ambulance show up to rescue them. And of course since this is a silly horror movie 2 things must now happen. They have sex in the ambulance covered in gore because blood and guts gets them excited I guess. And the other horror movie must? Yes, the twist ending setting it up for the direct to video sequel. One of the wasps got to a cow. Now we have a black and white giant mutated wasp wearing a cow bell to roll to the credits. Lance Henriksen is about the only redeeming quality here and that is a stretch. Oh, Bishop, where did you go wrong? Silly fun, but I won’t be purchasing this one on blue-ray.

Rotten Tomatoes 57%, IMDB 5.1/10. These were generous.

Phoenix gives it 2 spiders. And that is generous.  

If you have giant parasitic wasps, RUN, but if you have the small domestic kind I can fix that.

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