German Roaches #whatbugsme

German Roaches: #whatbugsme

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If you have called me out to treat German Roaches for you there are several things you need to know. Stop blaming the neighbors:  In our society everyone wants to blame someone else.  When it comes to roaches this will do you no good. Even if your neighbors are nasty and that’s how you got the roaches it doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter because once you have them, you have them and now it is your problem. You are next in line to be blamed for giving them to someone else unless we fix this.  In only the worst problems do they transfer house to house via the yard.  99% of the transfers happen because they hitch hiked on you, your guest, or the stuff associated with both.  This includes purses, backpacks, appliances, and many others.  No matter where or how you got them, it is your problem now.


Knoxville pest control. german roach life stagesGerman roaches are nasty little creatures that get just about anywhere you let them.  They multiply by amazing rates, transfer diseases, deposit allergens, smell bad, and are embarrassing to have. However, anyone can get them and I do mean ANYONE. Every commercial restaurant here in East Tennessee will at one time have to deal with them. So, it is not bad to have roaches, it is bad to keep them.

German Roaches are one of the most adaptable creatures God ever created.  They prefer damp warm areas but can be found anywhere and in any type of structure.  They are scavengers by nature and can feed on almost anything. These disgusting creatures are coprophagic (consuming excrement), and necrophagic (consuming other roaches) and we use this to our advantage through bait treatments. Every 6 weeks the females drop an egg capsule called an Ootheca containing 30-50 baby roaches. For these reasons you can see how they multiply so quickly. In 6 months 1 pregnant female can turn into 1,000,000.  Food poisoning, dysentery, diarrhea, and other illnesses are transmitted by the legs when they walk over your food after walking in filth.  The caste skins and fecal matter can have allergen issues as well.

Knoxville Pest Control, German roaches

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I had a customer years ago with 2 young boys who were about to be diagnosed with asthma and had a very severe roach problem.  This would have several implications on their medical insurance future.  After telling me this I urged the mother to inform the doctor of the roach situation and ask him to hold off with his diagnosis.  A few months later when the roaches were all gone, she told me that the boys breathing problems were gone and the doctor had no plans to go forward with the asthma diagnosis.  They also no longer needed the breathing medication.  All of this because of a roach infestation.  Please understand, this is not just a sanitation issue, it is definitely a medical issue.  Often times I meet people with a roach infestation who have what is best described as a constant cold and runny nose.  When the roaches are gone these symptoms subside.


The time it takes to get rid of German Roaches depends on several factors.  Your cooperation is the most important factor in this scenario.  You can make this more expensive for yourself by working against the technician so take heed to the suggestions you are given.  They will save you money in the end and get the little buggers eliminated quicker.  The good news is unlike most insect problems, once German Roaches are eliminated, unless you bring them back in, the problem is over.  This is not always the case for pests that infest from the exterior of the home to the inside.

Don’t treat:

Please please stop spraying, dusting, and for heavens sake DO NOT BOMB! Read this….


Knoxville Pest Control, German roaches

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I can’t tell you how many times a customer has told me they “tried everything” before they called me and managed to only make it worse. No offense, but you don’t have a clue what you are doing. And no, I don’t care what Aunt Joline told you to do for them because she claims it worked.  Little do you know she had to call me too. Here is why –> home-remedies.html Forget the fact that you spent a bunch of money and got nowhere, improper use of pesticides is dangerous for you, the kids, and the pets. SO STOP IT!  Then after I start servicing your home if you continue to use ANY pesticide you can ruin what I have done. Now you paid for 2 and got nothing. STOP IT. To add to all that, when you spray you run them deeper into the walls.  This makes you feel good because you see less but they will be back, all you did was move them around and ruin my product.

Clean Clean Clean:

Believe it or not, this is just as important as my service.  How fast the roaches multiply is directly related to the availability of food.  Since they are small creatures, what you consider a crumb is a feast for them.  With enough food, 1 roach can turn in to 1 Million in 6 months!  This is so important that it might be beneficial to pay someone to come in and clean.  This is an expense but if sanitation is your problem, paying someone to fix it could actually save you money with me and fix the problem quicker.

As a side note, most of the time when a customer tells me to “ignore their dirty house” those are almost always the ones who don’t need to say anything because it’s not really dirty.  The funny thing is when I go into a sanitation nightmare situation those seem to be the ones who try to tell me how hard they worked cleaning yesterday.  I may be slow, but I’m not stupid.  Those pizza boxes have been in the corner for months and I wonder if the water in the kitchen sink even runs.

Tell me the truth:

If you lie to your doctor about your cheeseburger intake because you are embarrassed, you are only hurting yourself.  If you try to tell me you cleaned yesterday and the dust is 2 inches thick, you are only hurting yourself.  Don’t be embarrassed about your situation, you are trying to fix it.  Tell me all the ugly details and be truthful about how much you hate to do the dishes or how you have told the kids a thousand times to clean their room.  I get it, life gets busy, the trash over flows because you had to take 3 kids to 12 different appointments in 20 minutes.  I get it.  Let’s be honest with each other so I can help you. Remember, the better I can help you, the faster the roaches will be gone and the less money it will cost you. At the end of the day, I can get rid of your roaches and give you a cleaner, safer house. How long it takes is up to you. Let’s work together to remove this plague.

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