The Collective Internet Intelligence #whatbugsme

The Collective Internet Intelligence #whatbugsme

         Somewhere on the internet there is a recommendation to amputate your pinky toe to alleviate a cold.  In the age of information the waters have been muddied by ignorance.  Yet every day we believe things we read on the internet and advice from laymen.  Believe what you will about things, that’s what makes America great.  However when you seek professional help and think you know more than them because Aunt Joline said so, now we have a problem. Why bother calling a professional if you know so much about it?  Do it yourself and be done with it.  The truth is, you called a professional because you did NOT know everything you needed to know and that is completely fine.  We can’t be all-knowing about everything now can we?  Most of the time we seek help because what Aunt Joline told us simply didn’t work.  Almost every day I am tagged in a post by my awesome customers where someone is asking about a pest problem. I answer their questions but there is always 100 keyboard jockeys commenting on some natural remedy or essential oil solution. Honestly I want to blast all of them for being ignorant but I must stay polite. There really isn’t a way to correct the plethora of stupidity without sounding like a jerk. So, I offer the truth in the sea of ignorance and let the chips fall where they may. If you are ready, I can help.

It’s a Practice

Industry professionals are labeled as such for a reason.  A doctor has to go through years of school and practice to perfect his craft.  The same goes for most advanced careers but I bet you don’t see pest control as belonging on that list.  Doctors and lawyers call what they do “practice” because the landscape in their field changes constantly.  This is the same for the pest control industry.  The products change, the laws change, public perception changes, even the insects we deal with change.  To keep up with this fluid industry we attend classes regularly.  Staying sharp is a must. We also keep up with lab and field studies as well as private groups of other pest professionals.  There is a wealth of knowledge out there and no way to learn it all.  Constant practice. If a doctor tells you not to eat cheeseburgers or you will get sick, and you eat a cheeseburger and get sick, who is at fault?  He told you not to, you didn’t listen.  The same goes for pest control.  There are specific reasons that I recommend things to a customer.  When they don’t heed my warnings the usual result is a longer time to control the pests.  This often also means more cost. We are able to see  what the results will be because we have been down this road 1000 times. Take the advice, that’s what you are paying for, not the chemical. Unfortunately, there are some knuckle-heads out there that only want to spray, collect, and leave.  Most of us are not like that. So listen to the pro because we want your problem fixed just as much as you do. Why? Because we loose money when you have an active problem and we have to spend more time and product to fix it.  It benefits both of us for you to be pest free. Any company that intentionally delays the control of your pests to “keep you on the books longer” is not the one you want. Not only do they stink at their job, but they are screwing you and have no idea how to do math.  They may gain some money upfront from you but your trust in their abilities is shot. I can’t tell you how many jobs I took over from other companies doing this for YEARS without a solution.  I walk in and do it correctly and the customer wonders why they bothered with the other guys for so long. The other element to this is that Phoenix cares. Too often technicians for larger companies are just there to draw a paycheck. Do you want a doctor to operate on you who doesn’t bother to keep up to date on his knowledge? I didn’t think so.

I recently was diagnosing a pest problem and the customer replied, “I don’t know, that’s why I called you.”  That statement stayed with me.  I have learned over the years that if you gotta call someone to do a job, let them do it and don’t complicate it for them.  However, I love when customers ask questions, it gives me the opportunity to educate them.  When they understand what is going on they trust that I have the knowledge to take care of their problem. In order to give you the best possible service, we have several certifications and licenses.  The list may mean nothing to you except that we care enough to go beyond what is required by law.

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