Pest control band-aids

Do you Have Pest Control Solutions or Band-Aids?


Knoxville pest control, Maryville pest control, bandaidsFoam Fresh,KnoxvillePest Control     <—-This picture shows a perfect example of a band-aid. An air freshener was put on this table above a smelly trashcan. The odor was pretty bad and the oil was not helping much. The problem is not the odor. The problem is what is causing the odor. A plethora of who knows what was sloshing in the bottom of the trashcan. Instead of cleaning the trash can which would only take a minute and about 5¢ someone spent good money on a fancy-schmancy air freshener. A better solution would be to clean up the mess that is actually causing the odor then apply Foam Fresh and let the live microbes eat what is left. Then the problem is actually fixed not just covered up.

     What does this have to do with bugs you ask? The same concept applies. If you have ants or roaches in the kitchen but have dog food all over the floor, guess what…. The ants are NOT the problem. The food attracting the ants in IS the problem. If the ants do not find food to eat, they are less likely to set up shop and hang around. What we consider to be a teeny tiny crumb is a feast for such a small insect. So you don’t have to be “nasty” to have enough food to attract insects.

Here is another scenario. Winter is just around the corner and with it will be the rats and mice. They love entering your home through cracks around doors and pipe accesses. Make sure your weather stripping is in good shape and caulk around all pipes and wires to prevent them from coming in. Putting out bait or trapping them is good but the rat IS NOT THE PROBLEM. The hole that gave them a way into your home is the problem. I can kill and trap a million a day at your home, but if the hole is still there, you still have a problem.

So good luck with your band-aids and if you need help just give us a call. A phone call, text, PM or even an inspection is FREE. 

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