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Knox and Blount Counties

Knoxville Pest ControlThe approach to solving your pest control problem will be as unique as your home and the pests that are affecting it. The following services tend to cover all cases but we always work with you on developing the best plan of attack to find the right solution.

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Premium Prevention Service

This is the most popular option for pest prevention

This service covers most household pests you may encounter. We start with an intense Clean Out service inside and outside to make sure all areas are covered. After that, certain situations may require intense monthly services until the problem is under control. When that has been solved or if not needed you will be transferred to a Quarterly Perimeter service to prevent pest entry into the home. With these exterior services we take care of everything and you don’t even have to be home. Perfect for the busy family. As long as you aren’t having any issues it is best to prevent the pests from the outside before they have a chance to get in. This also minimizes your exposure to any products used. If you do happen to have a pest get inside all you have to do is call and that treatment is FREE. We have you covered.

Premium Plus Prevention Service

If you want the most coverage than this is for you

This service covers most household pests you may encounter. We start with an intense Clean Out service inside and outside to make sure all areas are covered. After that, Monthly Maintenance treatments inside and out will be done to minimize the possibility of pests getting in. Should you have an issue all you have to do is call and we will come fix it for FREE. We have you covered.

Bed Bug Elimination

A quote for this service requires a diagnostic inspection and this is FREE. Just call for an appointment. We offer a unique program to make the service, safe, effective, and cheaper than most for a higher quality service and you don’t have to throw away your stuff or wash everything in the house.
Service includes quality mattress and box spring covers, monitors, and detailed treatments until they are eliminated. Then we use an independent K9 scent detection team to go behind us and make sure the bed bugs are eliminated. That is why we have a 100% elimination record.
The details about how our service works and why it is unique can be found HERE.  Please contact us before it gets worse so we can schedule your FREE consultation.

No Contract Budget Service

Pest Control on Retainer

As low as $85 a year includes 1 service Call anytime for more service at $40+ each. Call for service only when you need or can afford it. Designed to help those who are forced to live with pest problems because they believe they cannot afford a service. You can afford to be pest free in East Tennessee. COD only. No guarantee. Covers 1 pest species per service.

One time service

Just kill it and go

A one time service is focused on what is bugging you now. Not often recommended but can be prudent in some situations.

100% Green Mechanical service

No chemical treatments.

Our Green service is designed for the environmentally conscious customer. No chemical pesticides are used ensuring your good standing with mother earth. This is done through inspections, mechanical control methods, habitat modifications, exclusion, and recommendations as to how you can create a pest free home. There is no green option for some situations. Give us a call so we can discuss your needs.


Seal ’em out

No matter what we do, there will always be pests. Making it harder for them to get in is highly recommended. Exclusion not only prevents pests but it also improves your climate control efficiency, and reduces damage from water leaks. Call today for a FREE quote to seal up the holes allowing pests into your home.