Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

The guys at Phoenix Pest Control are amazing. They started out with a huge infestation problem in my home, to the point that the floor moved when you walked into certain rooms, and in just 3 short weeks, I was already seeing incredible results. At the 6 week point of service, I was seeing so few bugs, I thought I had moved to a new home. Now 3 months later I am bug free. Their flexible schedules and payment plans work around you and your schedule and are very affordable no matter what your financial status. No matter what problem you have, big or small, they’ll get it taken care of. As them about their mosquito treatment program too! Hands down, the greatest pest control company in the area. I had quotes and meets with all the others and none of them seemed to be affordable or the right fit. Bring comfortable with who is going to treat your home is very important, and these fellas will definitely make you feel comfortable. My home is finally bug free, didn’t take them very long at all. I would highly recommend them to everyone. Give em a call, you won’t be disappointed. Aaron L.


Phoenix Pest Control has been professional, attentive, kind, and incredibly informative since the first visit. I have had pest control for years and they are, hands down, the best company that has ever serviced my home. I recommend them to family, friends, strangers, everyone! The Livingstons L.


When it comes to taking care of my home and protecting it from creepy crawler I call Phoenix Pest control! They have great and honest customer service, Competitive pricing and a vast knowledge. The attentiveness to what is going on around and with in the house is stellar. If there is an issue they are quick to make arrangements and check it out. We use them for our home and rental property. Leza C.
Great service and great people. Got my problem under control and veteran owned. Can’t beat it!! Ryan A.


PPC and the guys running it are top notch. Always available anytime I need them…even if it’s just a simple question. I’ve dealt with Aaron on many occasions and I can truly say he is as professional and knowledgable as they come. Do not hesitate to give them a call and set up an appointment. You will not be disappointed.. Great guys with great service! Honest and trustworthy. Seth J.


Best pest service around. Tell ya what ya need and what ya don’t need. Great guys and great all around business. Seth M.


Have know Aaron for some time now.. Very Professional and Honest.. He Kills Bugs well.. and I do not like Bugs.. Very Reasonable Pricing, will show up anytime you call.. Excellent Service and Bug Killing Talent…He is Da Man.. Suzan C.


Today Phoenix Pest Control came to our house. They are very professional and respectful. While we are in the process of redoing our kitchen they were able to make some great suggestions toward preventing critter’s invading our space. My favorite thing is that they were very pet friendly, our dogs loved them! I would highly recommend this company! Paulette R.


Wonderful and very trustworthy service tech. We signed up for quarterly service. Thank you. Tammy P.


Great company with 5 star service. Thank you for taking care of my bug issues! Joe H.


Phoenix pest control is owned and operated by a man who puts God first not only in his family life but in his company’s work ethics. Carl G.


Very professional and down to earth too, happy with service and product, very thorough. Jim G.


These guys are simply awsome that’s all I can say. Daniel T.


We enjoy dealing with Aaron who is friendly, professional and very knowledgable. Not like some other services that just send an employee to spray pesticides around your home who doesn’t really care or even know what they’re doing. Phoenix service people are very sharp, and knowledgable about the service they provide and they really care that they’re getting the job done. Augie M.
Easy, saved me money and they do what they say!! Zac S.


I’ve had an amazing experience with Aaron an his crew w/ Phoenix pest control. Thanks to these guys I haven’t had an issue with rodents since they came to my reacue. They are completely dedicated to providing the best service within a timely manner. Ashlee D.
Knowledgeable and reliable. Works with customer to achieve best results. Ant and mosquito treatment. Mark C.


I have worked with Aaron Veal in the past he has a lot of experience and gets the job done. He has actually treated my home before. Give him a call if something is bugging you. It is always a plus to keep your money local. Support Local Businesses. Jen M.